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PMD offers the following services to its clients:-

Product Design
PMD has a special product design team which specialises in providing aesthetic designs and concepts.

It all starts with a brief, where we understand your requirements and your brand. This is followed by an analysis of competing products and the latest trends, after which we present various 3D concepts in full colour with your branding to give you a clear idea of what your product will look like. Based on your feedbacks a short listed concept is detailed and finalised to produce the final design.

Our greatest advantage is that we are manufacturers and our technical knowledge is used in the design process, keeping manufacturability in mind. Therefore, there are no revisions and no difference in the concept and the final product, thus staying true to design.

Mould Design
The most important part of moulds is the design. We have years of experience in designin the most complex and intricate moulds, whether they be rotating cores, automatic slides, high cavitation moulds, hot runner moulds etc.

The latest in 3D engineering softwares are used to aid design and CAM programming.

Mould Manufacturing
PMD specialises in the manufacture of both hot runner and cold runner injection moulding moulds. We have a full CNC tool room working 24 hours for manufacturing moulds.

All moulds are fully hardened and have a shot life of 4-6 million shots.

Moulds are supplied to all industries and leading brands in India and exported to UK, Italy, Germany & Africa.

To know more about this, please click on the moulds link under the products category.

Mould Repair

Since PMD has a world class tool room, we offer repair services for all kinds of moulds from India, Germany, China and many other countries.

Moulds are flown in from across the country to be repaired by the highly skilled staff of our tool room in the quickest possible time working round the clock.

Supply of Plastic Products
PMD has two injection moulding units, one in Sahibabad (U.P) and one in Baddi (H.P.). Over 150 million plastic parts are produced from 40 injection moulding machines and 2 blow moulding machines.



In brief the following types parts are produced:


  • Customised plastic products- Plastic parts are made as per your specifications and are not supplied to any other customer. These could be engineering parts, caps, packaging items, medical parts etc.

    To know more about this, please click on the customized plastics products link under the products category.

  • Ready to buy packaging products- We have a large range of caps and jars that can be used for packaging of cosmetics, healthcare products, toiletries etc. These are supplied to any buyer across the world without any mould costs.

    To know more about this, please click on the ready to buy packaging products link under the products category.

  • Ready to buy household products- We have our own brand name of premium household plastic products by the name of Gluman . These are supplied to small and big retailers and are also used as promotional products and gifts by various companies.

    To know more about this, please click on the ready to buy household products link under the products category or click on gluman logo anywhere on the site.
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